Ariel Brewer Louis, PhD, IBCLC
International Board Certified Lactation Consultant
Tel: 281-731-7313
email: [email protected]
Woodstock, VT
Serving the Upper Valley
IBCLC, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant
MA, Psychology
PhD, Integrative Neuroscience

My passion is to help mothers breastfeed and I believe it is every woman's right to breastfeed if that is indeed her desire. Yes, breastfeeding is natural, but our society is set up in such a way as to leave many women in need of extra support. Sometimes there are obstacles in place which hinder the ability to successfully breastfeed, and I would love to help you break down those obstacles and get you on your way toward a wonderful breastfeeding relationship with your baby.
I currently live in Woodstock, VT with my husband and 3 girls. My path toward helping mothers with breastfeeding was not a direct one. I started out studying psychology in college and was specifically interested in how the brain worked. I really enjoyed learning the "nitty gritty" of brain function so decided to persue a PhD in Integrative Neuroscience. After graduation, I received a fellowship in Paris to study the neural basis of drug addiction. While still living in Paris, my first daughter was born, and everything changed for me. While I loved learning about the inner workings of the brain, my passion for neuroscience research was surpassed by caring for my daughter and I left the field behind in order to be with her full time.  
When she was a year old, we moved to Houston, Texas. I immediately found a local La Leche League breastfeeding support group since in Paris I didn't have the social support that breastfeeding mothers so often need. Working with La Leche League paved the way for me to become a board certified lactation consultant and I truly believe this is the path I am meant to be on.

My scientific background allows me to  stay ahead of the curve on breastfeeding knowledge and evidence-based information. My passion is to truly understand the cause of dysfunctional breastfeeding and to fix it at its root, rather than to allow for compensations to mask the real issue. Painful nipples are not OK and signal that there is a problem to be solved!